The driver of a truck in which Giurgiu police found unstamped cigarettes worth more than 3.5 million lei, remanded in custody

A 40-year-old Bulgarian citizen, who was carrying wet wipes and rolls, presented himself to enter the country, driving a truck of paper from Bulgaria to Germany.

After carrying out the control over the means of transport, the border police discovered, hidden in cardboard boxes behind the declared goods (using the lid method), hundreds of boxes containing 3,320,000 cigarettes (166,000 packs), which did not have a stamp applied fiscal.

During the investigations, the driver of the means of transport could not present documents of provenance for these products.

The entire quantity of cigarettes, estimated at a value of 3,652,000 lei, was confiscated by the border police.

In the case, under the coordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Giurgiu Court, investigations are being carried out regarding the commission of the crimes of possession by any person outside the tax warehouse or the sale on the territory of Romania of excise products subject to marking, according to this title, without being marked or marked improperly or with false markings over the limit of 10,000 cigarettes, according to art. 452 of Law 227/2015, forgery in documents under private signature , act provided by art. 322 Criminal Code and use of forgery, act provided by art. 323 Criminal Code.