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Regula Introduces its latest Handheld Device for Quick On-Site Document Checks

Regula has launched its newest model in the range of handheld devices for express document verification, the Regula 1031. Regardless of the environment frontline officers find themselves in, they now have a tool that is lightweight, reliable, and functional.

Regula 1031 is the first express device of its kind that has a display indicating the battery charge level and operating mode. The device’s body is made of shockproof plastic. However, several other design decisions also contribute to the strength and durability of the 1031.

Depending on the modification, Regula 1031 offers 15x, 20x, or even 24x zoom, which makes it possible to effectively examine microprinting, as well as elements applied with nanoprinting, such as holograms.

Regula 1031 has an extended set of light sources and is the first compact-size model that offers examination in infrared light. Since the range of basic inspections has become more extensive, Regula 1031 makes it possible to conduct more checks of compliance (or non-compliance) with the document template and, as a result, have more supporting evidence in examination reports.

With the spread of e-passports, Regula 1031 hardly leaves any chances for document counterfeiters. The device has a built-in module for reading RFID that instantly detects, identifies, and displays the type of RFID tag embedded in passports and other documents. 

“When developing Regula 1031, we aimed to introduce our top-notch technologies to create a device capable of enabling experts to conduct high-quality analysis anytime and anywhere. The tiny yet powerful 1031 sets the new standard for compact devices,” Arif Mamedov, CEO of Regula Forensics, commented. “This is the first device on the market equipped with a display, 24x optical zoom, a complete set of light sources, including infrared, and other powerful features. It’s definitely here to stay.”