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The person involved in the case of illegal transportation of conscripts across the border was declared a suspect

In April 2022, law enforcement officers detained three local citizens who were planning to transport three Ukrainian citizens of conscription age to Romania. They planned to receive 16,500 euros for their services.

Today, a joint interdepartmental group searched the premises of the defendants and confiscated items that may be evidence of illegal activities. In particular – radio stations, mobile terminals, inflatable boat, GPS – navigator, notebooks with draft notes, etc.

As part of the pre-trial investigation, law enforcement officers found that the suspects mostly transported their clients at night. The organizers of the illegal scheme used thermal imagers to monitor the movement of border guard patrols.

So far, another defendant in the case was declared a suspect in the crime, and two of his accomplices were informed about the suspicion in April. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing.