Update on Ukraine: 5.7 million Ukrainian have fled to the EU

Over 5.7 million Ukrainian citizens have fled to the EU since the beginning of the war in February.

During the same period, around 2.8 million Ukrainians have exited the EU towards their home country. While the number of returning Ukrainians has remained stable over the past weeks, between 8 and 14 of June, more Ukrainians were recorded entering the EU than returning to Ukraine.

The number of Ukrainians entering the EU from Russia and Belarus has remained constant. From 8 to 14 June, around 1,470 Ukrainian citizens arrived in the EU through Belarus and 7,400 through Russia.

In total, around 6.6 million entries to the EU have been recorded after February at border crossing points from Ukraine and Moldova to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, excluding entries made by Moldovan and Romanian nationals.

Romanian and Polish borders continue to experience most pressure. Land routes to transport grain out of Ukraine are operating through border crossing points in the two countries, which has resulted in lorry queues of up to 20 kilometres.

Frontex continues to monitor refugee flows to facilitate border crossings and support evacuation corridors. We currently have 278 staff deployed to countries bordering Ukraine.