The Polish Border Guard Post in Poznań-Ławica detained eight foreigners illegally residing in Poland

On Saturday, August 12, officers from the Border Guard Post received eight foreigners from policemen from Luboń who did not have documents entitling them to stay legally in Poland. The eight adult migrants included three women from Ethiopia and Sierra Leone and five men from Eritrea, Nepal and Ethiopia. The foreigners handed over stated that they had entered the loading area of ​​the vehicle unnoticed in one of the Romanian car parks, where the driver was resting. The truck was traveling with goods from Turkey to one of the companies in Lubon.

The police handed over the foreigners together with applications to initiate administrative proceedings to oblige them to return. The checks confirmed that the foreigners do not have any documents entitling them to enter and stay in Poland, and thus they are staying in our country against the law.

Due to their illegal stay, all foreigners were detained and administrative proceedings were initiated regarding the obligation to return. Until their identity is confirmed and the decision on the need to leave Poland is issued, all foreigners have been placed in guarded centers for foreigners by court decision.