The Spanish Civil Guard and Moroccan police authorities carry out a simultaneous joint operation in Morocco and Spain

The operation carried out jointly by the Information Service of the Civil Guard and the Moroccan DGST, under the direction of the Central Investigating Court No. 2 and the National Court Prosecutor’s Office, has arrested two people, in the towns of Lleida and Nador ( Morocco), for his alleged links to the terrorist organization DAESH.

Within the framework of activities for the early detection of people who carry out tasks in favor of terrorist organizations, the Civil Guard located two people in the province of Lleida whose activity led to the initiation of an investigation.

These investigations led to the alleged connection of the detainees with DAESH.

The detainees had obtained benefit from organized crime networks, gaining access to false documentation.

To carry out this investigation, which began in mid-2022, an intense coordination effort has been established between the intelligence and police services of Belgium and France, also with the participation of analysts from the Europol agency, which has allowed Gather the set of indications and evidence of the alleged terrorist activity. 

In the action, a house search has also been carried out in which computer elements have been seized for later analysis.

The detainee in Spain was brought before the courts this Friday, July 21, having been decreed the measure of entry into provisional prison.