The Spanish Civil Guard detains 5 people for money laundering from the drug trafficking of the Titi clan

The Civil Guard, in the so-called Lambo operation, has arrested 5 people, immobilizing 6 buildings and seizing various assets. The operation has been aimed at laundering money from drug trafficking of the well-known Titi clan.

Last year the Cluster operation was carried out, also directed against the Titi clan for money laundering from drug trafficking. At that time, the Civil Guard arrested 20 people and attributed to the organization properties valued at 6 million euros.

The Civil Guard has continued to work against this organization in Operation Lambo, with the intention of pursuing the assets of the organization obtained through the financing obtained with the profits of the hashish drug trafficking.

As a result of these two operations, the Civil Guard has managed to get to know the members of the organization who continued to acquire goods for their use that were supposedly acquired by other people. Researchers from the OCON-SUR Money Laundering Group estimate that the money laundered would be around 800,000 euros.

There have been 6 entries and registrations in La Línea and Manilva. In the operation of the operation, 6 people have been arrested and 6 buildings, 3 boats and 5 vehicles have been seized.

The Lambo operation is one of the 160 operations that the Civil Guard has developed in 2021 related to money laundering from drug trafficking, included in the Carteia Plan. So far this year the accumulated economic impact within the aforementioned Plan amounts to more than 260 million euros. The Civil Guard has seized, only in cash, until the beginning of December more than 50 million euros and about 200 million between movable and immovable property seized from drug trafficking organizations.