Last weekend there were several attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border by force. Moreover, a courier carrying 9 migrants was detained

On the section protected by the Border Guard Post in Czeremcha, yesterday, December 19, a group of 26 foreigners forcibly forced the border. On Saturday, December 18, a group of 20 people attacked the Polish border, and on Friday, December 17, a group of 32 foreigners tried unsuccessfully to cross border security. Yesterday, on the sections protected by Border Guard Posts in Płaska, Narewka and Dubicze Cerkiewne, groups of several people also tried to cross the border. All foreigners were detained and returned to the border line.

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Czeremsza, in the Kleszczele commune, also detained a Polish citizen who was transporting 9 illegal migrants by car (8 Syrian citizens and a Turkish citizen). The man was charged with helping to organize the illegal border crossing.