The Spanish Civil Guard detains almost fifty people in an operation against drug trafficking in Malaga

The Spanish Civil Guard, within the framework of the “Tolick” operation, has dismantled 3 criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking in the Axarquía region (Málaga). 47 people have been arrested, including several minors, and another 3 have been investigated for the alleged crimes of drug trafficking, membership of a criminal organization, illegal detention, injuries, threats, sexual abuse, money laundering. capital, smuggling, and fraud of electricity.

The investigation began in September 2020 when the agents learned that a house located in the town of Torrox was used for the sale of drugs, mainly cocaine.

The tenants of the house bought the drugs directly from the leader of one of the dismantled groups, the manager of a hostess club in the town of Vélez-Málaga.

To do this, he used the work carried out by one of the people now detained who worked in a well-known parcel company, making use of his uniform and his company labeled vehicle to buy, transport and later re-sell in small quantities the cocaine that they hid in packages made for this purpose.

In this way, drug transport was mixed between the daily parcel deliveries, not raising suspicion and even avoiding the perimeter closures established between towns due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The investigation led to the identification of a second criminal group that mainly sold hashish and marijuana in the area.

Several members of this second criminal group are charged with the crimes of illegal detention, injuries and threats for various “account adjustments” directed against members of other criminal organizations.

The third dismantled criminal organization was dedicated to the purchase and sale of large quantities of hashish that they transported directly from Morocco and that they later manipulated and packaged with a novel system.

The drug was chopped with a powerful crushing machine that mixed it with tobacco cuttings. This mixture resulted in a compact tablet that was sent to Portugal, France and Italy.

In the exploitation of the operation, 25 home searches have been carried out, where 2 indoor marijuana plantations have been dismantled, with 188 kg of hashish, 131 kg of marijuana, 5,846 gr of hashish pollen, 600 gr of hashish oil, 726 being seized. marijuana plants, 108 gr. of cocaine, 21 grams of MDMA, 1,400 grams of cutting substance, 91 kg of chopped tobacco, 6 shotguns, several simulated firearms and prohibited knives, 37,000 euros in cash and several vehicles. In addition, 5 farms with an area of ​​10.5 hectares and 6 financial products have been blocked by court order.

This operation has been carried out by agents belonging to the Malaga Civil Guard Command with the support of the Rapid Action Group (GAR).