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SBGS officers intercept another cigarette raft in the Nemunas River

Officers of the Varėna border team captured a suspicious object in the Nemunas river, in the middle of which the border with Belarus runs.

The border guards of the resort quickly lowered the motorboat into the water. When the self-made raft was pulled ashore, it turned out that the boxes covered with ice and frozen snow and covered with white polyethylene film contained Belarusian Minsk cigarettes, in total – two thousand cartons. A GPS device is attached to the bundle.

Soon SBGS officers grabbed another similar raft with cigarettes from the Nemunas. Officers of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Service ESTPOL5, who assist the border guards of Druskininkai, helped to detect him. The cigarettes were caught in the water by an operator scouting the border.

As in the first case, smugglers from Belarus boxes with two thousand packed cigarettes with ice and pieces of frozen snow. This trick of the offenders is well known to the SBGS officials – during the winter, attempts are made to transport illegal smokers by imitating the sex of the river carried by the river. Smugglers also used GPS devices to track this cargo.

A total of 4,000 people fell into the hands of border guards. Minsk Capital packets of cigarettes with Belarusian stamps. Their value in Lithuania is more than 14 thousand. euros.