The Spanish Civil Guard detains an Albanian citizen wanted for terrorism in Almería

On July 20, citizen security agents from the Civil Guard of the town of Roquetas de Mar (Almería) identified a 35-year-old Albanian citizen who was carrying out suspicious activity on public roads. The members of the patrol found a handcrafted 22mm caliber pen-type weapon on him and also verified that he was wanted for terrorism by the Albanian authorities. The weapon that he was carrying cannot be legally possessed nor can it be protected by any type of license, so he could also be credited with a crime of Illicit Possession of Prohibited Weapons of art. 563 of the Penal Code.

Likewise, at the time of the arrest, the detainee made death threats against the agents.

As a result of international cooperation in the fight against terrorism, it was learned that the detained individual was active on social networks from where he launched calls to commit terrorist acts.

Preliminary investigations into his activity on these platforms confirm his affiliation to the most radical ideology of a terrorist nature, mentioning and extolling the figure of the suicide bomber, as exalted by terrorist organizations as the car called the Islamic State.

The detainee was brought to justice on Thursday, July 21, having been ordered to enter provisional prison.