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The Spanish Civil Guard discovers in Granada a shipment of marijuana hidden in drums of liquid asphalt

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Cesko operation, has dismantled a marijuana storage and distribution center destined for Central European countries in a warehouse on an industrial estate in Cijuela (Granada). The drugs were hidden between drums of liquid asphalt.During the exploitation phase, two individuals have been arrested, one of Czech nationality and the other of Dutch nationality, as perpetrators of a crime against public health for drug trafficking.

The Organized Crime and Anti-drug Team of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Granada has seized 170 kilos of packaged and vacuum-packed marijuana that was hidden in drums filled with sand among a shipment of drums of liquid asphalt, as well as a truck with a semi-trailer, computer equipment, mobile telephony and documentation.

The investigators discovered how several individuals stored small amounts of marijuana in a warehouse on an industrial estate in Cijuela.The Civil Guard deployed a device around the ship in which an agent of the Cynological service also participated with an anti-drug dog. Inside the warehouse, they surprised two individuals loading pallets loaded with drums of liquid asphalt. The loading stopped and the dog began to tell the civil guards which pallets contained drugs. The agents later located one by one the drums that contained the bags of marijuana.

Third disarticulated distribution center in Cijuela

This is the third marijuana storage and distribution center for foreign destinations that the Civil Guard has dismantled in an industrial estate in the town of Cijuela this year 2022.The first performance took place last March, specifically on the 29th, when the Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group dedicated to international marijuana trafficking with the arrest of two; and seized 88 kilos of marijuana hidden among cans of peach syrup.The second action took place last July, when a criminal group was dismantled and surprised by the Civil Guard when they loaded a truck with 212 kilos of marijuana hidden among a shipment of garlic.