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Man in preventive detention for transporting a truck full of 12 million contraband cigarettes

Following the criminal investigation activities carried out by border police officers from the IGPF and the prosecutors of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism – Iași Territorial Service, the man was caught in the act, on 12.11.2022, within the county Cluj, with a shipment of 600,000 packs of cigarettes (12 million cigarettes), unstamped. Following the verification of the documents used to justify the transit of goods, it turned out that documents relating to goods other than those actually transported were used.

Also, in the case it was noted that, in October 2022, several people constituted an organized criminal group specialized in the introduction and distribution on Romanian territory of significant quantities of cigarettes of non-EU origin, evading the customs formalities imposed for their indigenization , evading the payment of customs duties, excise duty and value added tax payable on such goods.