The Spanish Civil Guard dismantles a network that used transport companies to move drug-vessels

The Spanish Civil Guard, within the framework of the REY SOL operation, has dismantled an organization that introduced hashish on the coast of Andalusia, using high-speed and recreational boats for this purpose.

During the operation, the Civil Guard has arrested 27 people, 9 boats have been seized, 8 high-speed and 1 recreational. On the other hand, 21 vehicles used in criminal activity have been seized and/or blocked, including 5 tractor heads, 10 trailers, 1 crane truck, 2 vans, 1 all-terrain vehicle and 2 passenger cars.  The operation began in January 2021, when the Civil Guard located a high-speed boat hidden in an industrial warehouse in the town of La Luisiana (Seville). During the investigation, the agents learned that the organization had different places to hide and prepare the high-speed boats that they used to go to Morocco for the hashish that they transported to the Andalusian coast.These places include Écija and La Luisiana (Seville), Aldea Quinta (Córdoba), Colmenar (Málaga) and Villacarrillo (Jaén), as well as Molins de Rey (Barcelona) and Portugal. 

Powerful boats

 The boats were hidden and prepared in nurseries in inland towns.  The EAVs (High-Speed ​​Vessels) owned by the organization were manufactured abroad and transported in trucks, they were normally about twelve meters long and had three large engines, which allowed them to carry a large load and reach high speeds. 

Trucks for transport

 As a result of the work, the investigators found out that the EAVs were transported to the nurseries and from these to the sea by three transport companies owned by one of the detainees, who had a large fleet of trucks used almost exclusively for this purpose. After a year of investigation and when the ins and outs of the organization became known, the agents requested several entries and records in the towns of Aldea Quintana and La Carlota in Córdoba and Colmenar and Almayate in Málaga.