The Spanish Civil Guard frustrates a shipment of 3500 kg. of hashish after a tense follow-up to a semi-rigid boat

The Spanish Civil Guard has intervened in waters near the province of Huelva about 3,500 kg of hashish after carrying out a high-speed follow-up of a semi-rigid boat commonly used for drug smuggling by sea.

The operation was initiated when the Civil Guard’s 062 Coordination Operations Center detected the presence of a semi-rigid boat with several occupants off the Nueva Umbría beach, carrying on board a significant number of bales heading for the coast, apparently with the intention to lighten in that area.

A coordinated device was immediately established for its interception in which civil guards from the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Command, the Provincial Maritime Service and an Air Service helicopter participated.

The drug traffickers, after detecting the presence of the Civil Guard, desisted from their intention and headed south again to evade the agents, not achieving their goal as they were located about 20 miles from the coast by the helicopter and the boat of the Service Maritime. At that moment the follow-up of the semi-rigid began, which lasted for about 40 minutes.

During this follow-up and with the aim of gaining speed to avoid being hit, the four occupants of the semi-rigid boat threw all the bundles they were transporting into the water, thus losing all the merchandise.

Meanwhile, the pilot of the “narcolancha” carried out reckless maneuvers in order to avoid its reach, putting the physical integrity of its occupants and the Maritime Service agents who were following them at serious risk.

The seized drug was distributed in 100 bales of between 30 and 35 kg. of weight each, throwing a total weight of about 3,500 Kg, which were collected by the agents for their subsequent destruction.