The Spanish Civil Guard has dismantled the “Farruku Clan”, one of the most important criminal organizations in Europe

The operation has culminated in the dismantling of a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking worldwide with the practice of 21 searches, the arrest of 17 people in the provinces of Cádiz, Málaga, Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo and the summons as investigated of 20 more people

The organization, known internationally as the “Farruku Clan”, was led by a dangerous group of Albanians, mostly settled in Spain, from where they had the capacity to operate anywhere in the world.

During the course of the investigation, numerous drug seizures in different European countries have been attributed to the organization, totaling almost 10,000 kilos of cocaine and 10,000 kilos of hashish, highlighting the 2 tons of cocaine seized in the port of Algeciras in January 2022.

So far, 25 vehicles and 22 real estate properties have been seized with an approximate value of more than 4,200,000 euros, as well as the blocking of the accounts/products of 14 individuals and 30 companies