The Spanish National Police arrests 90 people who distributed false documents to favor irregular immigration

The Spanish National Police, with the collaboration of the Turkish police, has arrested 90 people who distributed false documents to favor irregular immigration. The organization captured customers through social networks in Spain, once they received half of the payment for the document, they manufactured it in Istanbul and the rest of the payment was paid before shipment, within seven days.

They offered different documents; passports for 1,000 euros, residence permits for 750 euros, Schengen visas for 500 euros and circulation permits for 350 euros, for which benefits for the organization are estimated to exceed 1,000,000 euros. The arrests have occurred in 26 provinces and they are accused of belonging to a criminal organization, false documents, crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, usurpation of civil status and against traffic safety. The agents have intervened 71 false documents, 4,300 euros in cash, various electronic devices and various documentation. The operation has had the cooperation of the Turkish police.

Customer acquisition through social networks

The criminal organization was offered through social networks where they advertised videos displaying false documents to transit through Schengen territory and thus attract interested customers. 

Once the client contacted the network through social networks, they asked for their phone number so that they could contact the manufacturers of the false documents, which were installed in Istanbul. They asked the client for the personal data by instant messaging to carry out the document and to make half of the payment through an international money transfer company. When they finished manufacturing, they sent him a photo via a message to his mobile phone so that he could pay the rest of the payment and sent it by courier to members of the organization located in Spain within seven days.

Benefits of more than one million euros

The criminal organization was made up of members who were divided into two branches of criminal activities: one with functions of receiving and collecting money from clients in Spain, mostly of Syrian origin, but also from Algeria, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Morocco.

Another with functions of sending false documents to Spain, made up of people of Syrian nationality and who operated from their center for the manufacture of false documents in Istanbul. So there has been a constant exchange of information and various meetings with the Turkish police.

The Syrian forgers were specialized in documents of all kinds, they could reproduce, residence permits from community countries for 750 euros, Schengen visas for 500 euros, circulation permits for 350 euros and passports for 1,000 euros. The agents estimate that they have managed to introduce more than 700 packages with false documentation into our country, which is why the organization could have generated profits of more than a million euros.

90 detainees and 71 false documents seized

90 people have been arrested in 26 Spanish provinces, Alicante (10), Almería (18), Badajoz (2), Cádiz (3), Cáceres (1), Castellón (2), Córdoba (1), Cuenca (1) , Gerona (2), Gran Canaria (2), Granada (1), Guadalajara (1), Guipúzcoa (6), Huelva (7), Madrid (9), Málaga (1), Murcia (9), Balearic Islands ( 1), Lérida (2), Palencia (1), Pontevedra (1), Soria (1), Seville (1), Tarragona (1), Valencia (5) and Vizcaya (1), for belonging to a criminal organization, falsehood documentary, crimes against the rights of foreign citizens, usurpation of civil status and against traffic safety.

The National Police has intervened 71 false documents, among which were identity documents, passports, driving licenses and residence permits from Spain (26), France (9), Italy (8), Belgium (9), Germany ( 1), Hungary (10), the Netherlands (1), Switzerland (1), Bulgaria (3), Morocco (2) and Algeria (1). 4,300 euros in cash, electronic devices – mobile phones, tablets, cameras – and various documentation related to the investigation.