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Thousands of luxury goods, likely to be counterfeited, worth approximately 4 million lei, discovered in Calafat, Romania

At the Romanian Calafat Border Crossing Point, a Bulgarian citizen, driving a truck registered in Bulgaria, presented himself to enter the country. According to the documents presented, the driver was transporting food and textiles on the Bulgaria-Germany route.

During the control of the means of transport, the border police discovered, in the cargo compartment of the truck, several cardboard boxes containing perfumes, clothing items, leather goods and shoes.

Following the inventory of the goods, the amount of  8,881 perfumes, 716 clothing items, 21 leather goods and 17 pairs of shoes , all bearing the insignia of well-known brands, were found to be counterfeit.

The goods, worth 3,854,000 lei if they had been marketed as branded products, were seized by the border police in order to continue the investigations.