Three Ethiopians in a truck trailer

On October 17 officers from the Polish Border Guard Post in Radom, in cooperation with police officers from the Police Headquarters in Grójec, discovered and detained three Ethiopian citizens who, hidden in a truck trailer, illegally crossed the state border from Slovakia to Poland.

Three young Ethiopians were discovered in the Grójec district thanks to information provided by a truck driver. A Bulgarian citizen (53-year-old), in the parking lot of one of the companies to which he was supposed to deliver the load, heard disturbing knocks on the car’s body from inside the semi-trailer. After the officers arrived at the scene and broke the seal securing the truck’s trailer, it turned out that three men were hiding inside among the transported goods. The foreigners had no identity documents or cash. They declared that they were Ethiopian citizens. When the legality of their stay in our country was checked, they admitted that their intention was to get to Germany, with the help of a smuggler. They also added that the Bulgarian driver was in no way related to smuggling, and they got into the truck’s trailer without his knowledge, but they could not determine the exact place or even the country where it took place.

Three Ethiopians (aged 24, 31 and 41) were detained. They were charged with crossing the state border, contrary to the regulations, by deception and in concert with other people.

During interrogation as suspects, the Ethiopian citizens confessed to the crimes they were accused of and provided extensive explanations. Each of them voluntarily submitted to the penalty of 6 months’ imprisonment with conditional suspension of the sentence for a probation period of one year and committed to respect the legal order in Poland.