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Two BiH citizens of Pakistan apprehended for smuggling 13 migrants across the Drina River

Bosnia and Herzegovina Border Police Unit Zvornik apprehended two citizens of Pakistan, as they were detected in attempted smuggling of 13 male adults Afro-Asians. The smuggling was prevented in Tršić, in the area of Zvornik municipality, when officers of this Unit spotted and stopped a boat coming across the Drina River, from Republic of Serbia towards territory of BiH.

Under the supervision of duty prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office and following the order of judge for preliminary procedure of the BiH Court, 2 people who steered the boat and suspected for committing criminal offence ‘People smuggling’, were searched. The boat that migrants were smuggled in, as well as other evidence originated from committed criminal offence were temporarily seized. This morning (on 9 April 2021) two citizens of Pakistan, along with report on criminal offence, were handed over for further procedure to prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, and smuggled migrants who stated that they are from Pakistan, were handed over to Service for Foreigners Affairs of BiH.

We remind you that on 2 April 2021, at the same place, officers of BPU Zvornik prevented smuggling of citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and citizens of Pakistan were accused for that criminal offence too.