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Two Romanian citizens investigated for migrant trafficking

Border police officers stopped a vehicle with two Romanian citizens was stopped for checks, at the exit from Lugoj. Following the control, it was found that inside were, as passengers, 13 foreign citizens , all men.

All the people were taken over by the border police, who took the foreign citizens and the two Romanians to the headquarters of the research institution, where they were epidemiologically sorted by the medical crew who arrived on the spot.

During the checks, it was established that the passengers are citizens of Afghanistan, aged between 15 and 27, who stated that they illegally crossed the border from Serbia to Romania, on foot, on the green border.

The two Romanian citizens, aged 24 and 31, respectively, stated that they intended to help the 13 foreign citizens to reach the A6 motorway, in exchange for the amount of 100 euros from each migrant.

In the case, the border policemen are investigating for the crime of  fraudulent crossing of the state border for the 13 foreign citizens, and the two Romanian citizens are being investigated for the crime of migrant trafficking. On their behalf, the   Judge of Rights and Freedoms from the Timiş Tribunal, based on the evidentiary material, ordered the measure of judicial control for 60 days, at the end of the investigations, the necessary legal measures will be ordered.