U.S. Customs and Border Protection, (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) Miami Air and Marine Branch has released fiscal year 2020 enforcement statistics for their area of operations.

The Miami Air and Marine Branch covers southern Florida and its surrounding waters.Air and Marine Operations: Safeguarding the Nation from air and sea.

During year 2020 Miami Air and Marine agents conducted over 3,700 Flight Hours and over 10,000 Float Hours resulting in the following enforcement statistics:

$1.55 million cash
3,932 lbs of Cocaine
2 lbs of Meth
213 lbs of Marijuana
145 weapons
149 arrests
508 apprehensions
4 rescues

“This year we learned that criminal networks do not slow down their activities during a pandemic,” said Tony Arevalo, Director, Air and Marine Operation, Miami Air and Marine Branch. “I’m incredibly proud of our agents and staff that rose to the challenge of securing our homeland while also observing new protocols to keep the public and one another safe. Our undiminished efforts kept dangerous criminals and contraband from reaching streets and neighborhoods across America.”

The Miami Air and Marine Branch was also instrumental in the seizures of 23 marine vessels, nine vehicles, and one aircraft during the fiscal year.

The Miami Air and Marine Branch provides rapid air and marine response capabilities to address imposing threats to the southeastern United States.This includes detection, disruption and deterrence of illegal immigration, illicit drug trafficking, weapons trade and terrorist activity by utilizing a coordinated effort of air and marine assets, and working with our federal, state, local and tribal partners in South Florida.