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US Border Patrol Agents Encounter a Large Group and Witness a Car Filled With Migrants Crash In Roma, Texas

Rio Grande City Border Patrol (RGC) agents encountered a large group and disrupt a human smuggling event.

On Dec. 12, RGC agents encountered a group of 119 migrants making landfall in Roma, consisting of 47 single adults, 42 family members, and 30 unaccompanied children. The migrants were nationals from Central America, Peru, and one subject from Mexico.

On Dec. 11, an RGC agent working in Roma observed a white Chevrolet Impala pass his location with multiple passengers in the rear seat. Without provocation, the driver immediately pulled over to the side of the road, exited the vehicle and absconded without putting the vehicle in park. The vehicle made contact with a parked car and caused minor damage. Responding agents apprehended eight migrants from Central America and Mexico, to include three accompanied children. The driver was not located.