US Border Patrol continues to detect those who attempt to circumvent inspection at checkpoint

 US Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to secure the border and prevent the circumvention of the Interstate 35 (I-35) checkpoint north of Laredo, Texas.

During a series of incidents, human smugglers have attempted to use the west access road and travel north, paralleling I-35 in an attempt to avoid inspection at the checkpoint.

These unsuccessful attempts include a human smuggling incident on Nov. 11, in which three undocumented individuals were being smuggled.  The next smuggling attempt on the access road occurred a week later on Nov. 19, when agents performed a vehicle stop near the 35-mile marker.  Four individuals were apprehended during this event.  The following day, a white pickup truck used the access road to circumvent the checkpoint then drove across highway traffic and the median to get onto the I-35 northbound lanes. The vehicle came to a stop at the 54-mile marker and the occupants were apprehended with the assistance of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations.  The last event occurred on Nov. 24, after agents performed a vehicle stop on the access road just north of the checkpoint.  Three undocumented individuals were found inside the vehicle.

All undocumented individuals and the drivers were taken into custody for further investigation.

Although it is not a violation to travel on the west access road, the criminal element uses this to their advantage to attempt to circumvent inspection at the checkpoint.  They attempt to blend in with vehicle traffic of those who live or work in the area.  Despite the smugglers’ attempts, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents continue to be diligent in their duties to keep our country and communities safe from dangerous criminals.