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VeriDNA: Veridos presents next generation of verification solutions

Veridos will showcase the next generation in security and verification solutions at the World Border Security Congress in Lisbon. The focus will be on VeriDNA, a new solution for guaranteed identity determination, based on DNA pattern recognition and unique DNA IDs. VeriDNA provides governments with a comprehensive technology package for the verification of individuals that simultaneously protects privacy, can be used in the field on a mobile basis and complies with all the necessary quality and security standards.

VeriDNA is the world’s first solution to create forgery-proof identifiers based on the biometrics of human DNA and to integrate them into ID lifecycle management. Unlike irises and fingerprints, which change over the course of a person’s life, DNA always remains the same. This means the corresponding data only needs to be captured once, marking a significant improvement on other forms of biometrics. The technology used ensures the protection of privacy at all times as DNA IDs only store a unique code. VeriDNA includes the entire identification process, from the generation of an individual DNA ID, its registration and application into an appropriate ID through to operational verification at specific checkpoints of the national ID infrastructure.

“With VeriDNA we are unveiling the next generation of reliable and secure identification solutions,” explains Marc-Julian Siewert, CEO at Veridos. “Governments can easily integrate the product into their existing border control systems ­– whether stationary at airports, or mobile at the border. At the same time, the individual’s privacy is protected to the highest degree, as the DNA IDs used consist only of an anonymous sequence of numbers and do not store any other characteristics.”