Polish Border Guard Unit prevented 103 attempts to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border

Dangerous situations took place on the sections protected by the Border Guard Post in Mielnik and Czeremsza. While Belarusian soldiers were throwing stones and sticks at Polish patrols near the border to cross it illegally, two groups of about 40 foreigners were waiting. Officers from the Border Guard Post in Mielnik were detained by 21 people on the Polish side, and 38 from Czeremcha.

The border was also illegally crossed in the area of ​​official responsibility of Border Guard outposts in: Kuźnica, Michałów, Białowieża, Nowy Dwór and Szudziałów. Among the foreigners who made attempts to illegally cross the border of our country were the citizens of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Senegal, Morocco, Cameroon, Jordan, Palestine, Congo and Tajikistan.