Webinar: Accelerating Secure Trade at Ports & Borders

Join us for an exclusive Live Webinar
November 13th: 10:00 hrs – EST; 15:00 hrs – GMT; 16:00 hrs – CET

Upgrading inspection capabilities by integrating systems allows ports and borders to create fast entry lanes that are capable of 100% inspection.

Securing borders whether land, sea or air, in today’s environment requires the use of various techniques and technologies to effectively manage the movement of people and goods. Agencies are responsible for managing the expectations of their offices while keeping the flow of trade and travel moving. To keep up with the speed of technology advancements, demand for higher throughput and ever changing environments, it has become more common for agencies to engage experts to assist in creating the best possible outcomes for their mandate.

During this webinar, representatives working with US CBP, international Customs agencies, global port operators, trade executives and defense leaders will discuss initiatives that enable data sharing between agencies and facilitate more inspection, better detection, faster Customs clearances and increased trade.

Join us on November 13th for an exciting discussion from leading experts who will share their experiences.

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