21 Syrians on an illegal journey to the West

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Bielsko-Biała, together with officers from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Żory, chased a bus driven by a Polish citizen, a resident of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship. There were 21 Syrian citizens traveling in the bus, including 5 minors. They were all men. It was established that they entered our country illegally, through the former Zwardoń-Skalite border crossing. During the chase, the bus driver caused a collision, crashed the car and tried to flee the scene. He has been stopped.

The foreigners were accused of crossing the border from the Slovak Republic to Poland together and in agreement (without documents entitling them to cross the state border). They admitted to committing the acts with which they were accused, while submitting appropriate explanations in the case. They were handed over to the Slovak services as part of a  readmission agreement .

A 23-year-old courier, who tried to transport foreigners through the territory of Poland, was charged with organizing the crossing of the border of the Republic of Poland for 21 Syrian citizens in order to gain financial gain and not to stop when summoned for inspection, to escape and thus to expose himself to the immediate danger of loss of life or grievous bodily injury health of Syrian citizens. He was temporarily arrested for 3 months. He is facing up to 8 years in prison.

The migratory pressure on the Balkan route is increasing. Since the beginning of 2023, officers from the Silesian Border Guard Department have detained 8 couriers.