21,000 packs of cigarettes smuggled across northern border of Romania

The border police officers from ITPF Sighetu Marmației discovered and confiscated, as a result of actions carried out in the area of ​​competence, 21,000 packs of cigarettes, which were to reach the black market in the area. The goods worth 245,600 lei were confiscated, and a Romanian citizen is being investigated for committing the crime of smuggling.

Border Police at the level of the Sarasău Border Police Sector took action to combat cigarette smuggling. The guards noticed, near the state border, in the direction of Tecido Mic, Maramureș County, two people moving from the banks of the Tisza River to the interior of the country, carrying large packages behind them.

Immediately, the border police acted to detain them, carrying out legal summonses by voice, but the people did not stop, abandoned the packages and jumped into the water of the Tisza River, returning to swim on Ukrainian territory.

As soon as possible, the Ukrainian authorities were informed about the case, in order to jointly investigate the event.

25 packages of cigarettes of Ukrainian origin were discovered on the spot, which were transported to the institution’s headquarters, where, following the inventory, the quantity of 17,250 packs of cigarettes , worth over 201,800 lei, resulted .

Further investigations are being carried out into the offenses of smuggling and fraudulent crossing of the state border , as well as to the detection of persons involved in criminal activity and to prosecute them.

On the same day, the border police officers from the Territorial Service of the Satu Mare Border Police carried out an action to prevent and combat trafficking in excisable tobacco products.

During the action, around 20.00, a Volkswagen Passat Variant car, registered in Romania, driven by VT, aged 41, from Satu Mare County, was stopped for control, on a street in Satu Mare.

In the car stopped at the control, the border policemen discovered three voluminous packages with cigarettes, fact for which the car was driven to the STPF Satu Mare headquarters for further investigations.

The inventory of the packages resulted in the quantity of 1,500 packs of cigarettes , coming from duty free shops, worth approximately 17,500 lei.

Consequently, the driver was given the documents prior to the start of the criminal investigation for the crime of smuggling , and the entire quantity of cigarettes was seized for confiscation.

And the border policemen from the Valea Vişeului Border Police Sector, during a state border surveillance mission, discovered 3 cigarette packages, approximately 200 meters from the border line, in the direction of Valea Vişeului locality, Maramureș county. from smuggling.

As soon as possible, the Ukrainian authorities were informed about the case, in order to jointly investigate the event, and the cigarette packages were transported to the institution’s headquarters, where the inventory resulted in the quantity of 2,250 packs of cigarettes of Ukrainian origin.

The entire quantity of cigarettes worth over 26,300 lei was seized for confiscation, and further investigations are being carried out in terms of committing the crime of smuggling in order to detect and detain persons involved in criminal activity.