A third consignment of humanitarian aid from Poland arrives in Lithuania

On Thursday, Lithuania received a consignment of humanitarian aid from Poland – beds, tents and pillows. This is the third shipment from a neighboring country, the first two were sent in July.

“We thank Poland for its support. These are not only essential items, but also the help of officials and experts. At present, the situation with regard to migrants at the border has stabilized, but co-operation and co-ordination of actions for the protection of the common external border of the European Union (EU) remains very important, ”said Deputy Minister of the Interior Arnoldas Abramavičius. 

Currently, Polish police officers are working together with Lithuanian officials on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border.

Poland is an important partner and ally of Lithuania in the EU and NATO structures. Intensive co-operation between Lithuania and Poland at all levels reflects common interests between the two countries, including in the areas of Eastern politics and security, and a similar approach to regional and global challenges.

Our country has received a total of humanitarian aid from 18 European Union countries under the Community Civil Protection Mechanism and, under bilateral agreements, from Austria, Estonia, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine. Provided expert assistance, handed over equipment, modular houses, concerts. 

Experts, translators, border guards, social workers and interviewers from FRONTEX, Europol and the European Asylum Support Office work in Lithuania to help overcome the migrant crisis faster and more effectively.