Arrested for disseminating instructions and manufacturing methods for homemade weapons and explosives over the Internet

The Spanish Civil Guard, as part of the Napalm operation, has arrested a man in the town of Ripoll (Girona) as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of possession of prohibited weapons that could be intended for sale to third parties. A clandestine workshop for the illegal manufacture of weapons using 3D printers and projectiles for gas weapons, located in a single-family home in this Catalan town, has also been dismantled.

The operation began this past October, when the Civil Guard detected a user who was disseminating, through publications on totally public access web platforms, how to make substantial modifications to weapons, turning them into prohibited weapons with a great harmful capacity, as well as design 3D parts for said weapons, print them, apply them and how to use them.It also disseminated instructions for making homemade explosives and making highly lethal explosive devices. The necessary elements to make this type of explosive that he taught through the Internet can be purchased at any commercial area, such as fertilizer or other products.

These publications had generated a large number of views and downloads on the network. In addition to monitoring his comments and publications, the Civil Guard agents found various threatening messages against minority groups and others related to extremist and anti-Semitic ideology. In addition, the person investigated boasted of having participated in training for parapolice groups and that he was taking security measures in case the Security Forces entered his home.

Numerous weapons and a 3D printer in his homeAs a result of this investigation, and despite the security measures adopted by this person to avoid being identified, the Civil Guard located the resident in the Girona town of Ripoll. The agents searched his home and found numerous manipulated weapons, essential parts, ammunition, machinery and tools to make modifications to them. All were seized, along with a crossbow, more than 20 bladed weapons, a semi-rigid defense, lock picks, shackles, electronic and storage devices, or false documentation.

At his home, the detainee had a 3D printer with which he had illegally manufactured the parts to assemble gas weapons of different calibers. He also had the necessary raw materials used for its manufacture. Manuals on the use, handling and manufacture of firearms through 3D printing were also found.

With this action, the Civil Guard has prevented the dissemination of tutorials that can be used by any individual for the manufacture of homemade explosives, with the purpose of being used to attack the life and integrity of people.This operation has been carried out by specialized agents from the Information Sections of the Civil Guard Zones of the Basque Country and Catalonia, and the Rapid Action Group (GAR).