Arrests from North to South for drug trafficking in Italy

More precisely in Imperia, Sanremo police found and seized 44 drug packages, for a total of 250 kilos, hidden in the trailer of a truck during a control aimed at combating illegal immigration and the prevention of crimes in the vicinity. of border areas. The driver was arrested for drug trafficking.

In Taranto, police of the Mobile Squad, with the help of crews from the Crime Prevention Department of Lecce and the Canine Department of Bari, arrested 6 people. They are all accused of trafficking in cocaine, heroin, hashish and synthetic drugs in pills in the square of Sava (Taranto) and in the neighboring municipalities.

The investigations started in June 2020, reconstructing the movements of a well-known cocaine user who, from the Ionian capital, together with other acquaintances, frequently moved to the municipality of Sava to buy the drug and then consume it quickly in area.

From wiretapping and surveillance, the police have reconstructed the dense network of contacts between the suspects and the contractors