Border police officers detained a Dutch citizen at the Kapitan Andreevo border attempting to smuggle 6 kg of hashish

A car with two Dutch citizens arrived at the “Captain Andreevo” checkpoint to leave the country at 2:30 p.m. on August 1. The border police requested a thorough inspection of the car. In the course of the control actions, the customs officers found a total of 121 compressed packages, covered with foil, in the cavities of the two rear doors of the vehicle. It was found that 120 of them – with a total weight of 6 kilograms – contained a substance reacting to hashish in a field drug test. The contents of one package weighing 530 grams tested positive for cocaine.

The driver was tested with a technical device for the use of narcotic substances, and the device reported a positive result for cocaine. The two foreign citizens and the narcotic substances were detained at the Border Police Department – Svilengrad, where pre-trial proceedings were initiated.

The driver was brought in as a defendant by the District Prosecutor’s Office – Haskovo, by decree of the supervising prosecutor he was detained for a period of up to 72 hours. A request to determine a remand “detention in custody” against him is about to be submitted to the court.