Dismantled a clandestine explosives manufacturing laboratory in Navarra

The Spanish Civil Guard and the Foral Police of Navarra, in a joint operation called “ARCHÍMEDES”, have dismantled, in the town of Cuenca de Pamplona (Navarra), a clandestine laboratory for the manufacture of explosives from the synthesis of precursor substances for explosives.

The operation began as a result of the arrest of a person for an episode of ill-treatment in the family environment. As a result of the arrest, the agents were able to verify a possible crime of illegal manufacture and deposit of explosive substances by this person.

For this reason, the detainee’s home was searched where a clandestine laboratory was found with all the necessary elements for the manufacture of explosives, such as explosive precursor substances, other chemical products also used for their manufacture, in addition to small explosive devices. already finished, electric matches (detonators), chemical formulas and instructions and laboratory material for the synthesis of explosives (pipettes, flasks, thermometers and beakers).

BSR comment: As yet no motive has been publicly confirmed.