The Romanian Border Police ensures the hosting of the operation Flexible Operational Activities organized by the European Agency for Border Police and Coast Guard – FRONTEX

During the border operation with Serbia, 65 representatives of Frontex Agency and border authorities from Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Switzerland, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia will be deployed in October. , Slovenia, Spain and Hungary, with 25 patrol trucks and 2 thermal surveillance border trucks.

In various phases of the activities, Romanian border guards from the sixteen sectors of the Border Police who have jurisdiction over the land and river border with Serbia will also participate.

JO FOA Land 2021  takes place, starting with January 27, 2021, on the territory of several states, its implementation duration being one year.

 The purpose of the operation is to implement in a coordinated manner the operational activities carried out to control illegal migration flows to the territory of the Member States of the European Union, to combat cross-border crime and to strengthen European cooperation in the field of security at the external borders.

The aim is to ensure resilience in preventing and combating the migration phenomenon, to increase the efficiency of the exchange of data and information between law enforcement authorities in these countries, as well as an effective exchange of experience between European border guards.

The operation is fully funded by the FRONTEX Agency and it is planned that in the coming months the agency’s contribution in support of operational activities in Romania will increase, through additional secondments of human resources and patrol and surveillance equipment.