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Dismantled a traveling criminal group specialized in opening safes with flame torches

In one of the three searches carried out in the Community of Madrid, in addition to all the instruments and tools to carry out the robberies, a plantation of 231 marijuana plants was found that resulted in the apprehension of 65 kilos of this substance

The five detainees, who total more than forty records and had a frenzied activity, have committed five robberies with force alone in the last month, stealing cash, high-end watches and electronic devices

In a joint operation between the National Police and the Mossos d’Esquadra, a traveling criminal group specialized in robberies with force in offices, spite and real estate has been dismantled. Five people have been arrested and three house searches have been carried out in the Madrid towns of Parla, Torrejón de la Calzada and Torrejón de Velasco. In one of the searches made, in addition to all the instruments and tools to carry out the robberies, a plantation of 231 marijuana plants was found that resulted in the seizure of 65 kilos of this substance.

The investigation began as a result of the robberies with force that occurred in two real estate agencies in Barcelona with a very similar modus operandi, since in both the perpetrators violated the safes with an oxyfuel torch. Police inquiries made it possible to identify part of those now detained, who belonged to a traveling criminal group based in the Community of Madrid. 

These authors, in addition to having some of them with a large number of antecedents, have a high specialization in picking locks, making butrons and opening safes using oxyfuel torches. 

Agents quickly intervened due to their frenzied activity

After continuing the investigations, the intense criminal activity of those investigated was verified, having stolen at the beginning of June eight watches valued at 2,000 euros each, in addition to another luxury valued at 40,000 euros in an office in Madrid. Four days later, in a law firm in the capital, they stole 15,000 euros from inside a safe. On the 18th of the same month, they traveled to Almería where, after robbing the offices of a company, they obtained 3,000 euros, two computers and a tablet from inside the safe; and in less than 24 hours they committed another crime in Aranjuez after violating the safe of a company. 

Among the items intervened (in addition to cash, a complete set of oxyfuel torches or frequency inhibitors) were work clothes, commonly used by these specialized groups to make prior visits to establishments and obtain information to carry out the subsequent robbery.

Complete set of oxyfuel torch
Instruments and tools to execute the robberies
 231 marijuana plants
Tools to execute the robberies
Frequency inhibitors