Four Algerians found at the northern border of the country

On August 12 this year, at the level of the Vicovu de Sus Border Police Sector, Suceava County, an action was launched to prevent and combat illegal migration, in cooperation with the Vicovu de Sus City Police.

Thus, the mixed team found in the vicinity of Vicovu de Sus, four men of Afro-Asian origin, who could not justify their presence in the area.

During the preliminary checks, the law enforcement officers established that the four are Algerian citizens aged between 25 and 33, who illegally crossed the border from Ukraine, with the intention of reaching a state in Western Europe.

In this case, investigations are being carried out under the aspect of committing the crime of fraudulent crossing of the state border, and according to legal procedures, the four Algerian citizens were taken over by the Ukrainian border authorities, based on the readmission agreement to continue investigations and order legal measures.