Lithuanian border K9 team detained a group of 14 citizens of Iraq and Syria without any documents

border guards of the Gintaras Žagunis firewall of the Varėna border team of the SBGS inspected the area near the village of Prabaščiškės in Šalčininkai district. It was known that suspicious people had been spotted here. The cynologist, who assisted the SBGS officials, inspected the state border with Kent, a German shepherd. A place has been identified where the offenders are believed to have entered Lithuania illegally.

Kent, who discovered traces, took the border guards to the depths of Lithuania. Almost at the same time, a crew of G. Žagunis firewall border guards, inspecting the surroundings near the village of Rudnia, detained a group of 14 people in a wooded area a couple of kilometers from the border with Belarus.

None of the detainees provided any identity documents. Migrants had bags and backpacks with personal belongings and clothes. One man and a woman with 5 minors introduced themselves as Syrians, and three men, a woman and three minors presented themselves as Iraqi citizens. According to preliminary data, the age of adults is between 19 and 37 years.

Border guards were no longer able to communicate with the detainees. They are to be interviewed in the presence of an interpreter.

Migrants were temporarily placed in G. Žagunis’ firewall. Later, the detainees applied for asylum in Lithuania. It was decided to transfer them to the Aliens Registration Center in Pabradė. After initiating the procedures provided for in this case, the border guards informed the Migration Department, which examines asylum applications in Lithuania, and the Lithuanian Red Cross Society.

A pre-trial investigation has been initiated into the SBGS Varėna team due to the illegal crossing of the state border.