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More than 100 foreign citizens identified as a result of the actions carried out in the integrated system

During this week, the Timișoara border police, in cooperation with teams from the authorities mentioned above, carried out daily, in an integrated system, actions to prevent and combat illegal migration in the area of ​​competence.

During the actions carried out, more than 100 foreign citizens were identified in several locations within the radius of the municipality of Timisoara. 

During the checks, it was established that these are citizens of India , Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and Bangladesh, aged between 15 and 50, many of whom have temporary identity documents for asylum seekers, but who did not justify their presence on radius of the municipality of Timisoara.  

After completing all checks, asylum seekers will be supported to return to the Regional Asylum Seeker Accommodation and Procedures Centers in the country where they are accommodated and registered.

All the structures within the Ministry of Internal Affairs that participate in the actions in the integrated system act permanently in the municipality of Timisoara to prevent any antisocial acts. Also, checks are constantly carried out on the means of transport to establish whether foreign persons present within the radius of the municipality of Timişoara have legal residence documents.