Customs and TradeSmuggling

More than 27 kg of amber hidden in the spare wheel, in the doors, and onboard a car of a Turkish citizen

On January 27 this year, around 1 pm, at the Sculeni Border Crossing Point – ITPF Iași, a 55-year-old Turkish citizen showed up to enter the country, driving a car registered in Bulgaria.

Based on the risk profile, a thorough control was performed on the means of transport and the person. On this occasion, the joint control team, made up of border guards and customs workers, discovered, hidden and undeclared, in order to evade the customs control, in the spare wheel, in the doors, and onboard the car, the amount of 27.8 kg of transparent yellow-brown beads, supposed to be made of amber.

According to the legal provisions, the measure of seizing the goods was taken, in order to confiscate and examine them in order to establish their authenticity and value. At the same time, the driver was fined 5,000 lei.