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Parraid launch affordable military-grade tactical secure connectivity solution

Parraid has announced the launch of the Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL), the first affordable military-grade tactical secure connectivity solution for emergency and disaster responders in need of secure voice and data communications where cellular coverage is unavailable. VIDL allows users to maintain situational awareness (SA) through text messaging, map icons, and event reporting with an intuitive on-screen operations management application.

Designed for Disaster Response, Emergency First Responders, Border Security, Maritime, Public Safety, Wildland Fire, Military, and Off-Grid Recreation, VIDL delivers no-fail real-time SA. Parraid’s Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL) is a portable ruggedized, lightweight command and control system using the Iridium satellite communications network. It operates as Push-to-Talk (PTT) with a handset similar to the one used with common tactical radios and shares data with Android and Microsoft Windows-based computing systems. VIDL deploys quickly due to its simple system architecture. Unlike other solutions, it eliminates the need for expensive, complex legacy systems that most emergency response agencies can’t afford.

VIDL is powered by the Iridium Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation that provides worldwide voice and data communication from hand-held satellite phones and transceiver units. By leveraging Iridium Satellite Push-to-Talk technology, VIDL provides SA, data, and voice in a single product with continuous Global & Polar Region Coverage with short transmission paths, strong signals, and low latency. Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL) allows you to always be connected wherever you go.

John Parris, Parraid’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, noted, “Parraid is excited to offer emergency responders the secure communications solution that they deserve in times of crisis. VIDL’s trusted reliability, interoperability, and durability are powered by the best customer support team in the industry. In addition, it will provide real-time situational awareness that is critical for any agency with a mission to monitor logistics, location, and security of personnel. VIDL is a reliable and accessible satellite link that gives you that edge.”

Parris added: “Best of all, VIDL is affordable, making it possible for most emergency response agencies to capitalize on our innovation, ingenuity, and practical approach to solving a real problem: the need to stay connected when cellular coverage isn’t available. I am especially proud of our innovative team of world-class engineers that allowed us to bring this to market with reliability and engineering excellence second to none.