Several vessels related to drug trafficking seized off the Andalusian coast

The Spanish Civil Guard, in several actions carried out in recent days, at different points on the Cadiz coast and the Guadalquivir River, has arrested 6 people and identified another 3 related to illegal activities. In the various actions, 5 boats have been seized, 4 of them semi-rigid, and 2,319 kilograms of hashish and 7,725 litres of fuel have been seized.

In one of the actions of the Civil Guard, which had the collaboration of the Portuguese National Republican Guard (GNR), 76 bales of hashish that were being transported on a boat were recovered. In another intervention, the detainees threw the packages into the sea to avoid being apprehended by the agents.

Likewise, last weekend the agents intercepted a boat in the Guadalquivir River with 3,850 liters of gasoline to supply semi-rigid boats related to illicit activities.

All of these actions are part of the services developed by the Civil Guard units to fight against organizations dedicated to drug trafficking.

Various Civil Guard Units have participated in the different devices for the interception of these vessels.