The Spanish National Police dismantles five macro-plantations destined for the massive cultivation of marijuana destined for European distribution

Agents of the Spanish National Police have dismantled a criminal organization with the dismantling of five macro-plantations destined for the massive cultivation of marijuana. 14 people have been arrested on charges of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organization and fraudulent electricity. The organization, based in the province of Barcelona, ​​was dedicated to the cultivation and subsequent sale of large consignments of marijuana and used sophisticated electrical engineering systems to avoid possible police actions.

The investigation began in 2021 when investigators detected the presence of several people who allegedly provided cover for a criminal organization of Albanian origin dedicated to drug trafficking for its settlement in Catalonia.

After several investigations, the agents detected that the main intermediary was a citizen with extensive knowledge in the real estate sector, who, after receiving a commission, helped this criminal network to establish itself in Spain. For this, it provided them with the necessary logistics and infrastructure, leasing different warehouses located in isolated polygons, where they cultivated marijuana in a massive way that they later distributed in different European countries.

They used sophisticated electronic systems to go unnoticed.

For the maintenance of these marijuana plantations, the detainees needed a large amount of electricity, which they obtained illegally. Said fraud was concealed through a sophisticated system of electrical engineering that made police investigation difficult, while at the same time endangering neighboring properties due to the high risk of fire in these facilities.

With these measures, according to the investigators, they would have gone unnoticed in recent years until, after a year of investigation, the agents carried out nine entries and searches in warehouses and homes of those investigated, spread over various towns in the province of Barcelona .

Among the seized effects are more than 4,000 marijuana plants, more than 10,000 euros in cash, six mobile terminals, various documentation and numerous material used in the plantations such as fans, air conditioners, filters and extractors.

During the investigation, 14 people belonging to both the transnational organization dedicated to the cultivation and trafficking of marijuana, as well as the media facilitators, have been arrested to carry out the installation of the cultivation.