Two foreign nationals, hidden on the axle of a semi-trailer, found in Romania’s Calafat Border Crossing

During the morning, a 42-year-old Turkish citizen driving a truck showed up at the Calafat Border Crossing Point, on the way to enter the country. According to the documents accompanying the goods, the driver was transporting fruit from Turkey to a company in France.

Following the preliminary control of the means of transport, the border guards discovered, hidden in a storage compartment located above the axle of the semi-trailer, two males.

The investigation established that the men, aged 20 and 26, respectively, are Syrian citizens. They told the authorities that while they were in a car park in Sofia, Bulgaria, they got into the vehicle with the driver’s consent, to whom they each paid 1,000 euros. The two foreigners intended to reach a country in Western Europe.

The border guards interrupted the journey of the detected persons, and according to the Romanian-Bulgarian protocol, the Syrian citizens, the driver and the means of transport were taken over by the representatives of the Bulgarian Border Police, in order to continue the investigations and order the necessary legal measures. .