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Two Romanian citizens arrested on remand for trafficking in migrants

Border police officers from the Territorial Service of the Timiș Border Police in cooperation with police officers from the Deta Border Police Sector launched a specific action on combating illegal migration in order to document the criminal activity of persons involved in shelter and the transport of migrants from the border area to the municipality of Timișoara.

Thus, the border police performed specific activities, on which occasion they noticed a Ford car and a BMW, traveling on DN59B from Banloc to Deta and later on E70 to Timisoara, they were suspected of being involved in criminal activities related to trafficking in migrants.

Around 12.30, the two cars were intercepted and stopped by the border police at the entrance to Timișoara.

During the checks carried out on the two means of transport, the border police found that inside the BMW car, driven by a woman Romanian citizen SM, aged 42, were eight foreign citizens , without identity documents on them, and in the other car, a Ford brand, also driven by a 44-year-old Romanian PC citizen, no other people were found, as a forerunner. 

The persons in question were taken to the headquarters of the research institution where they were epidemiologically sorted by the medical crew who arrived on the spot.

Following the checks, the border police established that the eight foreign nationals are from India, all men, aged between 22 and 30 years.

During the investigations, the foreign citizens declared that they illegally crossed the border from Serbia to Romania, on foot, on the green border and that they intended to arrive with the support of the two Romanian citizens, in the municipality of Timișoara for the amount of 50 euros per person.

Extending the investigations, last night, around 20:00, based on the search warrant issued by a judge of rights and freedoms from the Timiş Tribunal, the border policemen carried out a home search at a building in Banloc, Timiş County, at the domicile of the so-called SM. On this occasion, 16 people were discovered in a garage, including 13 Indians, 2 Afghans and a Pakistani aged between 18 and 41, without documents on them. The intervention of a medical crew was requested on the spot, who performed the epidemiological triage of the foreign citizens, after which they were taken to the headquarters of the institution for research.

In this case, the border policemen are conducting investigations, under the coordination of a prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Timiş Tribunal, under the aspect of committing the crimes of fraudulent crossing of the state border and trafficking in migrants , for the two Romanian citizens.