Two smugglers transporting migrants were detained at the Tsarevo Police Department

On May 25, 2022, the Tsarevo Border Police Department received information about two cars – “Audi” and “Volvo”, moving in the border area near the village of Yasna Polyana. The information was immediately passed on to all on-duty patrols in the area. 

So, a little later, a gendarmerie patrol detected and stopped the two cars in which two smugglers and illegal migrants, self-identifying as Afghans, were found. They were detained at the Tsarevo Police Department. Rapid proceedings were instituted against the traffickers under Article 281 of the Penal Code according to the list of the Tsarevo Police Department, and detention measures were imposed on them for up to 72 hours. 

On May 27, Malko Tarnovo police detained 4 smugglers with 14 illegal migrants in the area of ​​the village of Zvezdets.