US Border Patrol Agents Rescue Migrants Trapped in Train

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Del Rio Sector’s Uvalde Station encountered multiple groups of migrants trapped inside rail cars, May 25.

While conducting train check operations, Uvalde Station agents rescued 20 undocumented migrants inside a locked car hauler. A free-air sniff conducted by a Uvalde Border Patrol K-9 team yielded a positive alert to a locked car hauler. The car hauler was locked from the outside and the migrants had no means of escape.

The group consisted of three from Guatemala and 17 from Honduras, all adults. At the time of the encounter, the temperature was 81 degrees. All 20 subjects were found unharmed and without injuries and were transported to the Uvalde Border Patrol Checkpoint for processing.

Inside these train containers space, fresh air and resources are limited. With temperatures rising, smugglers are putting migrant’s lives at risk and not considering the possible dangers.

All individuals encountered were identified as undocumented migrants illegally present in the United States. The subjects were processed in accordance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection policies and guidelines.