More than 816 kilos of marijuana transported in a truck seized by Argentine Gendamerie

Troops from Squadron 10 “Eldorado” of the Argentinian Gendarmerie were carrying out patrol tasks in the town of Puerto Piray when they observed a vehicle leaving at high speed from a secondary road coming from the Paraná River, which alerted the Force personnel.

Immediately, a bolt operation was installed and a controlled follow-up was carried out in order to intercept the truck, whose driver, upon noticing the presence of the gendarmes, began a quick escape towards the urban area.

When carrying out a rake around the town, the officials found the Fiat Strada vehicle abandoned, 20 meters from Miter Avenue; being able to observe in the passenger seat several packages and “loaves” as well as in the box of the vehicle, other bags with the same characteristics were detected.

The uniformed men, with the authorization of the Eldorado Court and Federal Prosecutor’s Office, moved the truck to the Squadron. There, a total of 34 packages containing 1,118 rectangular packages with a plant substance were counted. Which, when subjected to Narcotest field tests, yielded a positive result for “cannabis sativa”. A total of 816 kilos 437 grams was seized.

The intervening judge ordered the seizure of the drug and the vehicle.