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Three guides and five Syrian citizens found as a result of cooperation between Vaslui border guards and counterparts from the Republic of Moldova

Following the cooperation between the border police officers from the Territorial Inspectorate of the Iaşi Border Police with the border structures from the Republic of Moldova, three persons involved in migrant trafficking were arrested.

The three tried to help five Syrian citizens, identified by Romanian border guards in the direction of the border town of Bumbata , after illegally crossing the border into the neighboring country, with the intention of reaching Germany .

On October 26 this year, following the exchange of data and information carried out by border guards from the Territorial Inspectorate of the Iasi Border Police with border guards from the Republic of Moldova, the criminal activity of two persons, an Iraqi citizen and a young woman from the Republic of Moldova, involved in migrant trafficking. The two persons were identified on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, and a detention measure for 72 hours was ordered.

Earlier, on the Romanian territory as a result of the activities carried out by Vaslui border guards, the Judge of Rights and Freedoms from the Vaslui Tribunal admitted the proposal of preventive arrest for a period of 30 days for another guide of some Syrian citizens.

In fact, at the end of last week, acting on the basis of the exchange of information with the border structures in the Republic of Moldova, border guards from the Berezeni Border Police Sector – ITPF Iaşi organized a specific action, during which the border locality Bumbăta , Vaslui County, identified and detained in a car, driven by a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, five Syrian citizens.

During the investigation, the border police established that the five Syrian citizens crossed the Prut River using car tires in order to reach Germany. After trying to enter Romania illegally, the people were taken over by a car by a citizen of the Republic of Moldova, who had entered our country legally.