Two are convicted of extensive drug smuggling through Europe

Two people are sentenced to prison after extensive drug smuggling through Europe. The case has, among other things, meant that the Swedish police infiltrated a number of individuals to access them at the top of the criminal organization.

– We think, like the prosecutor, that the verdict is well written and well documented. The ruling confirms that our working methods are used in a correct, legally secure and proportionate manner, says Christer Nilsson, head of Noa’s investigation unit. 

On 15 February last year, three people were arrested in a coordinated operation in both Stockholm and Portugal. Nearly 400 kilos of cannabis and a large sum of money and other assets were seized. Noa has conducted the investigation since 2017, with the aim of prosecuting serious criminal Swedes abroad, who organize drug smuggling to Sweden on a large scale. During the work, Noa has collaborated with the police in Portugal and Spain, among others, as well as a number of other countries that have been indirectly involved in the case.

The case has been called Operation Costa and has meant that Swedish police infiltrated a number of individuals in order to get to the top of the criminal organization, and thus obtain enough evidence for prosecution regarding extremely serious drug crime and extremely serious drug smuggling.